TwitterSheep; Flock and Roll

There’s a wealth of lovely Twitter data interpretation doodahs around at the moment. 

I follow Jo at the Brighton Argus who just pointed out this one…

…it’s called TwitterSheep, it takes the bios of all the people who follow you, and turns it into a word cloud.

This is the cloud for me, @willsh


…and this is the one for @feedingthepuppy (which is a bunch of us from PHD):


The differences make sense to me, at first glance.  I talk more about social malarkey, and so obviously more people who include ‘social’ in their bios follow me.  The general ‘feedingthepuppy’ one looks more like the agency as a whole.

So with that as a very quick test, TwitterSheep works I guess; it’d be good for looking at other people, maybe, and seeing who you should follow.  

It’s not a precise science, or course.  It’s kind of woolly…