Sandpit; jumping in to social gaming

As I talked about before here, I’d made my first ever ‘social game’, called Hatchet…

And I spent last night in Brighton at Hide & Seek’s Sandpit event where we played it for the first time…

…so, how did it go?

Well, Hatchet was pretty chaotic, but a lot of fun…


A quick reminder of how the game works; there’s a box of moo cards.  Each of the cards has one word on it.  Each of those words is a line from a Beatles song.  There are several such lyrics in the game.  The aim of the game is to find the rest of your line, and sing the lyric with your new friends.  First three teams to sing get points.  Repeat ad infinitum.

“I’d LOVE to play that…”

Well, here’s how you can:

The full rules, and the images to make the minicards at moo, are available at this dropio site here.

Holly from Hide & Seek is going to upload them on game wiki Luocity too.

It’s all available under this creative commons licence too. 

Did it work for us?

Yes, pretty well.  I hadn’t quite realised just how loud and boisterous the game would be…  There were about 65 people playing, and 75 cards in play… which meant that there were some unformable lyrics.  So you need to have a check about how many people are playing first.

But by and large, a raucous fun time was had by all…




If you ever have the chance to go to a Hide & Seek event, like one of their Sandpits, I would hugely recommend it too… there were lots of brilliant games throughout the evening, my favourite of which I think was Werewolf… or maybe Night of the Vampire… or Standoff…

…anyway, check out Ludocity for an extensive list of other games you can play.

And to Holly and the gang at Hide & Seek… thanks for letting me play 🙂