Samsung move Minority Report one step closer

Josh & Thaer at PHD just sent this around… Samsung have used their face recognition technology to create outdoor advertising sites that change message according to who sees them…

“Samsung has developed an outdoor digital advertising system that tailors ads based on its audience.

There are three main components of the system: an LCD display panel, a dual lens camera and a processing computer, which runs the company’s proprietary facial recognition software.

When you first see it the system looks like a vertically oriented LCD display running an advertisement, but upon closer inspection two cameras are mounted on top of the LCD.

They continuously captures images of passersby and the PC processes those images to figure out how many people are in watching, their gender, if they’re an adult or child and how long they’re looking at the advertisements.”

Full piece here at PCWorld

So once again Sci-Fi films are laying down the path for real life…

…how long before they recognise you, find out what you like via Facebook Connect, and serve up ads based on that information?