Playing in the Sandpit


The cards for the game have arrived from those lovely folk at Moo


…which means the the inaugural game of Hatchet will be played tonight! 

It’s at The Sandpit, Wednesday 9th September, at the Lighthouse in Brighton – the evening starts at 6.30pm, Hatchet will be played midway through (about 8/8.30).

See you there, yeah?


Original post…

The other week, I went and talk to Holly at Hide & Seek, just to find out what sort of things they did.

She told me, I liked it, I wanted to join in.  She said they were taking their Sandpit night on tour around the country… including to Brighton, where they were looking for someone local to design a game to be played there. 

She persuaded me that there was only one man who could design a game in Brighton… 

And that man was busy. 

Which means I’ve had to do it instead.  

Anyway, this is my game…


“You’ll be my Charlie, and I could be your George
Let’s bury the hatchet like the Beatles and the Stones”

                                “Hatchet” by Low

The game

Each contestant receives a card with a word on it.  That word will be part of the line of a song.  The aim is to find the rest of your lyric (minimum of five words), and sing it aloud.  Each member of that team gets a point. 

The first three completed lyrics get points.  The cards are then returned, shuffled, and handed out again.  The winner at the end of all the rounds is the person (or people) with the most points.

The songs

The songs in Hatchet are mostly Beatles songs… though there’s one rogue song that we’ll get onto later.


The lyrics taken from each vary in length.  For instance, there’s a five word lyric from Strawberry Fields Forever, a six word lyric from Twist and Shout, and so on.

As long as you make up a chain of AT LEAST five words, you can sing your song… you don’t need the complete lyric.

The bonus song

There is a bonus song in the mix, which is a nine word lyric from the Rolling Stones song.  If anyone manages to get that lyric, they get triple points (it’s like a golden snitch… it’s only in there once, it’s very hard to get before the easier Beatles songs are sung, so worth more)


Given it’s never been played yet, I can only imagine how it will go… something like this maybe…

At the start, everyone gets their cards, and doesn’t know what the Beatles songs are.  They have to remember, or use a phone to find out from the internet… anything they like.  So round one will take a while.  If people get too stuck, they’ll get some clues.

But in round two, everyone will more more aware of what lyrics are out there… and will start discovering more, so the game will get faster. 

Some people may even make up lyrics from the words that I haven’t been aware are in the game.  In that case, as long as it can be officially verified as a Beatles lyric, it’s allowed.

I really hope this works… ]]>