It's not what you say; it's what you do

Paul Isakson at space150 very recently posted this up on slideshare (found via Simon)… he says it’s roughly the first half of what they’ll typically show to clients as an introduction to what they should be doing in the social media realms.

Social Media: It’s Not What You Say That Matters
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I think it’s a great introductory overview.  It covers a lot of the areas we’ve touched on here on Feeding The Puppy, and in a very elegant, zippy way.  It’s well worth spending five minutes having a flick through.

As an aside on ‘style’, I think slideshare as a tool is changing the way a lot of people create ‘presentations’…

…the modern shareable presentation works more like a comic book strip, with the speech bubbles embedded.

I believe that the comic book is a great template for presentations.  This image from Austin Kleon is represents it well:


I’d be interested to find out from Paul whether he has a different version of this for when he presents live… in fact, I may well ask him.