Social Bonfires & Advertising Fireworks, pt III

The Social Bonfires & Advertising Fireworks discussions & continuations have set our little corner of the internet alight (yes, pun intended)…

…a quick recap if you’ve not seen:

Advertising Fireworks, Social Bonfires
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It’s all helping improve and refine the analogy (which is great, as the IPA group I’m working with, for which this was originally started, meets tomorrow).

So from Daniel Goodall at Nokia, this fine build


“many people already have bonfires, and they usually want to build their own bonfires; you know, with their friends and that. They probably don’t want to come to your Corporate Bonfire.”

“…how can we help people with what they want to do at a bonfire?

1. Provide some stuff: some blankets to keep people warm, some snacks and drinks, maybe even provide some entertainment (a guitar?)

2. Go along to the bonfire and actually have a conversation or two (remember to be a good listener!)

3. Most importantly, of course, you could do something *genuinely useful* like put some extra wood on the bonfire to keep the damn thing going!”

(You’ll maybe remember that we’re big fans of being useful to people at PHD.)

Anyway, thanks Dan, great post and a hugely important point.

I shall report back on tomorrow’s meeting at the IPA with Mark, Le’Nise, Katy, Neil, Amelia, Graeme, Jamie, Nigel when I get a chance…


Yes, I know, part III in Hollywood Blockbusters is usually where things start going wrong… 

…Rocky III (Mr T?  WTF??). 

…Police Academy III (Zed’s now a Police cadet??  WTF???). 

…Return of the Jedi (Muppets?  WTF????).

Remember though, those Ewoks loved a bonfire…