Taking up the idea of embroidery (thanks JDV) and bringing it back into a more geeky area here.


This is part of a wider movement, referenced in an article (and video diary) from bbc tech, the article “hardware hackin for a laugh” shows you how to play pong with a leather boot or feed the cat with a video recorder, if nothing else grabs you, then that’s got to be worth a look. Often the movement is about hacking cheap technology for an amusing end.


The interesting thing about the movement is the way that it looks at technology as within a creative process. Starting in NYC a few years ago it emcompasses a broad church of approaches within the umbrella group with everything from digital installation style art (created via social networking), through to hack type days in the case of burning dork in the UK with a whole bunch of people leaving their shed for the day to blow up a variety of items using electricity.


There are lots of links out to hacked items, things like this big DS remind me of pimp that snack for technology, things that just bring a smile to your face.