Handwritten marketing

As I was walking around Brighton at the weekend, I became a bit more aware than I had been in the past of the time and effort that shopkeepers seem to be putting into their chalkboard signs…



…that’s just two examples, from Grocer & Grain and the Choccywoccydoodah cafe… there are lots of others around, of course.

What’s interesting about this handwritten marketing is that you know it was someone inside that shop that’s gone to the trouble… it’s not something that’s been designed in a central office in London and sent out to every shop in a chain. 

Part of the enticement to come in is that fact that you’re going to be dealing with real people…

In the twentieth century brand rush that most high street chains & supermarkets have gone through, handwritten marketing is probably at best ad hoc, and at worst a sackable offence.

Are they missing a trick?  Would you be more inclined to shop at a supermarket who had a chalkboard ‘manager’s specials’ that was actually drawn by the manager and his team, rather than a designer in Hoxton?

Personally, I like to feel that the people who work in a shop care about it.  Why not give them the opportunity to show that they do.  Hooray for handwritten marketing.