Tube Strike & Harry Nilsson: Everybody's Walkin'

I walked up from Victoria to Goodge St today, and thought I’d take a few snaps of people winding their way through the city… everybody’s walkin’:




It wasn’t quite the chaos that the Evening Standard were trying their best to frighten everyone last night though, especially given there are still some tube services running (thanks to Helen for the link)…


What happened to being ‘Sorry’ for negative scaremongering?  Or does that only apply to stories that aren’t about Transport for London?.

Anyway, everybody got to have a little meander through the city, see things they wouldn’t normally, and of course get some exercise.  It sounds like a good thing, actually.

Oh, and for people who don’t know who Harry Nilsson is…


Martyn says “@willsh How can you mention that song without mentioning Midnight Cowboy:

“I’m walking here!” – what a movie”

He’s right, of course