Eminem: embracing Twithop

Yes, Eminem is back.  Back again.  Guess who’s back?  Tell a frie…

…sorry, I’ll stop singing.  Anyway, this via PSFK – to promote a Detroit concert, his team have been using Twitter to direct fans around the city on a digital treasure hunt (yes, very ARG-lite)


I like this a lot; it’s a very cheap, simple way to engage a community in something short-lived, spontaneous and fun… but of course the crucial part is that there’s a little pot of gold for those who go to those locations to track down the tickets.

Not everyone will go to the bother of getting out into the real world and seeking them down of course; they may be in a different city or country, or be stuck at work, or not motivated enough to go to the concert.

But it’s a good example of thinking about the principle of “those who go, and those who know”.

When you create an event, however big or small, you can’t just think about the people who’re actually going to turn up. 

The more motivated people are to go and find tickets for Eminem, drop into your free ‘Fruitstock’ like festival, go along to your karaoke flashmob in Trafalger Square, the more likely they will be to share their experience through photographs, stories, tweets, status updates and so on…

…so if you make whatever you’re doing as shareable as possible for them, the more that ‘those who go’ will tell ‘those who know’.

What you’re really doing is telling a story of what you and the people who came along did together.  And people like to pass on stories.