More for Lego lovers

OK, so my Lego posts are getting a little more numerous, but that’s probably because not only have they been doing marvellous things recently, but I’m now super-attuned to picking them up… I have an inbuilt Lego-radar it would seem.

Anyway, I found this post here by Scott Griffes on ‘Top 10 reasons why Lego is back in a big way’… he lists them as:

10- Classic Photos done in Lego, an absolute must see! Art too. More art. Even more art. Album covers.

9- The worlds tallest Lego construction and other amazing masterpieces.

8- Aftermarket creations, such as the Lego Arms Dealer.

7- Lego Cinema, made popular on YouTube.

6- Lego versions of the mainstream: Portal, TF2, Iron Man, movie dioramas, Stephen Hawking, Han Solo, There Will Be Blood and Johnny 5.

5- Lego mods, like USB sticks, MP3 players, iPod speakers, iPod case, Mac, PC, Wii, NES, hand made jewelery, more USB and hard drives.

4- Great stuff from the official store, like the chess set, jelly mold, ice tray, egg timer and video games that are actually fun: Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

3- Unofficial products, like LunaBlocks furniture. Also calendars.

2- Edible Lego.

1- And ultimate proof that Lego is huge yet again: Lego Universe, the MMOG.

The entire world, it would seem, is going Lego mad.  Especially when people are making the likes of these:


But thinking about the principle of Lego actually helps you think about creating communities.

Imagine all the things you have at your disposal as a client; videos, information, interviews, insider knowledge… anything inside the company that you suspect people outside the company might like to play with.


What you’ve got is a series of building blocks.

The fun part about Lego is putting the blocks together yourself, creating wondrous things from your imagination.  It also means you care about it more.

I think the trick when trying to engage a community is to give them the blocks, not a finished model they’re not allowed to play with.  Then ask them what other sort of blocks they’d like; what colour, shape etc.

Give a community the blocks, and they will build you a world. 

Give them a pre-constructed car, and they’ll play with it for a while before losing interest…