Twitter, Brad Pitt, and Rob Corddry…

Reading Ed Cotton’s post on the “Twitter Groan”, you know exactly what he (and Faris in his presentation, as reported by Grant) are talking about…

…the lifecycle has reached the stage where everyone is bored of it, or at the very least the constant talking about it.  As Ed says:

“simply too much buzz isn’t healthy, it can smack of hype and people soon get bored and turn against the thing that was once cool”

That didn’t last long, did it? 

It made me think of it in terms of the ‘lifecycle’, here described in terms of film stars by John Grant


Who’s Brad Pitt?
Get me Brad Pitt
Get me Brad Pitt for less money
Get me the new Brad Pitt
Who’s Brad Pitt?

You can pretty easily sub in Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Friends Reunited into that line of thinking… except of course the lifecycle is phenomenally shorter.

I wonder just how short a lifecycle can get? 

How short will our attention spans beco…

…oooo, bubbles!!

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 (this may well be my favourite Daily Show Corddry clip ever.  And there are a good few)