I was a Lego native…

Looking at this via PSFK I realised, finally what the digital natives born nowadays will feel regarding the internet, mobile devices, and so on…

It’s a complete set on Gizmodo of Lego ‘minifigs’… the little Lego people we all know and love. 

As far as I’m concerned, they ARE Lego… all the blocks around were just the background of the stories you created around the people (or ‘minifigs’).


So, naturally, I assumed that they’d been around forever.  As long as there had been Lego, there were minifigs.  Turns out not.

The first were the spacemen in 1978.  Probably influenced by the whole space thing kicked off by Star Wars.  I was playing with the first ever minifigs.  Yet they were so natural, so logically right, they should have always existed.

That’s what kids born now will feel about the digital world. 

I’m really very jealous.  But then again, I did get to play with the first ever Lego people.