The internet was made for Bee Dogs

Derek sent this on to me yesterday…


Yes, that’s right, it’s a site of dogs dressed as bees.  Bee dogs

As Derek said, it’s surely what SirTBL invented the interwebs for.  It’s going to be my new example of niche. 

Beforehand, if I wanted to use examples of niche communities that could come together, I’d use something daft… like ‘Horse Embroidery in Yorkshire’, as I talked about in the APA presentation here

I think dressing dogs up as bees is dafter than embroidering pictures of horses in Yorkshire.  It’s a close call though.

Basically, the point about niche is that in the old media world, there were lots of things too niche to sell a magazine or start a radio station around or make a TV show about. 

Bee Dogs and Horse Embroidery in Yorkshire being two of those.


The internet however, lets people come together and form communities around these small, niche contexts, because as Clay Shirky said the cost of doing so is so minimal.

In the meantime, any company still trying to shout at people from far way will increasing find it more difficult to be heard. 

Not because people hate you or anything… it’s just, you know, they’ve found more interesting things to do. 

Like dress their dogs up like bees, or embroider horses.


If you don’t do something for people, why should they listen to you..?