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The blog Techcrunch reported that Google and Twitter are in late-stage acquisition talks.

Previously Facebook offered Twitter $500m (£330m) in stock, but the two disagreed over the social networking site’s valuation. Unlike Facebook, Google is publicly quoted and there would be no disagreement about the value of its stock. There were reports last month that Amazon might also bid for Twitter.

The acquisition of Twitter would give Google a major asset in branding, marketing and communications as it allows people to search for real-time brand feedback on what consumers are saying.

  • YouTube opens up to advertisers

A redesign of YouTube will give advertisers more prominence on the video sharing site as clips are filtered into four categories: Movies, Music, Shows, and Videos. Plans have also been announced to allow users to pay to download video content as well as allow users to purchase products that appear in video clips.

Sony is to take over YouTube homepages across Europe as part of the website’s largest homepage takeover to date. The acitivty is to promote the latest Bravia TV range, which will run over three periods that coincide with Champions League matches, targeting a football and entertainment-oriented audience.

  • Nokia ‘Point & Click’

Nokia has launched a beta version of a service that lets people point their camera phone at an outdoor film poster and find out more information about the release, including downloading trailers, reading reviews, and locating the closest cinema where the movie is playing.

Nokia Point & Find is an open service platform on which other companies can build campaigns to drive better engagement with potential customers.

Upcoming campaigns harnessing this evolution in Outdoor engagement include Body Worlds who will promote the Body Worlds and Mirror of Time events at the O2.

  • Mini Viral

‘Fake’ post modern Mini viral that makes fun of the viral genre and ironically becomes quite a good viral in the process. Posted up on the great BBH copywriter blog Scamp….<Max Colson>

  • Something for the Weekend….