The Ghost Twitterer


I was just reading this on ReadWriteWeb about companies & celebrities that have people to tweet for them (based on a New York Times article)…

“Wasn’t the whole point of “social media” to enable companies to come out from behind the marketing and PR babble and engage in “real” conversations with their customers?

By allowing teams and ghost writers to “fake tweet” for celebs, it seems as if we’re going back to the old ways of marketing, albeit on a new platform. That’s not social media, that’s the PR department hijacking a new media tool.”

It’s a great point.  I very much believe that, as a principle, social media is a place for people to be social, not entities like brands or celebrities.  Because entities have to be looked after by someone else.

Whoever you are, what you do, who you work for is all intrinsically interlinked with your profile… but you lose that as soon as you start using a ‘ghost twitterer’.

Come on, people, it’s not that hard. 

As famed twitter-user Shaquille O’Neal said in the original NYT article, “It’s 140 characters. It’s so few characters. If you need a ghostwriter for that, I feel sorry for you.”