Trust me, this is excellent…

Trust.  It’s a funny thing, trust. 

Do you trust me?  I’m just a Scottish bloke that works at PHD, writes some things on here, has ideas every so often. 

But you might work with me, know me socially, we might have had little online conversations here and there, or you might just see that I am having conversations with other folk, and trust me a little because of it. 

So, whatever trust you do have in me, I’d like to use it to get you to watch this, by Lawrence Lessig, which is what I think is a brilliant presentation on the nature of ‘trust’ in this brave new world…

<embed allowfullscreen=”” src=”true” allowscriptaccess=”application/x-shockwave-flash” type=”always” height=”378″ width=”480″/>

(HT to someone I don’t really know, but do trust when he says something’s great – thx Huey)