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Welcome to Pedigree Chunks! The Friday afternoon update feeding you with fresh meaty morsels from the world of media, created and collated by the litter of new grads here at PHD. Every Friday we will be bringing you innovative, entertaining and pioneering creative work we have encountered during the week.

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  • In-game advertising more effective than TV?

The preliminary results from the Online Video Advertising Effectiveness study suggests that in-game advertising is more effective than TV marketing, delivering a 500% increase in consumer brand awareness. Over 2,000 consumers have participated in the study so far and over one million ad impressions have been used. The study is expected to conclude on 31st March.

Sounds great right? Well, the study has been conducted by NeoEdge Networks based in L.A, who are a digital media company who specialise in this type of computer game advertising.


Condé Nast has embarked on a digitally focused launch campaign for its new magazine Wired UK. The outdoor campaign will launch on the 30th March and use animated digital escalator panels, transvision LCD screens at British Rail stations nationwide and digital six-sheets in the London Underground.

The ad strapline changes according to the time of day: “The future is wide awake”, “The future never sleeps”.

The online campaign for the magazine includes RSS feed banners with live news content from the website and a 3D MPU and expandable MPU. The Times, Evening Standard and GQ magazine will carry a 36-page sampler of the launch issue of Wired on Saturday 28 March.

Iris Digital is experimenting with bypassing traditional media buying and using only social media conversations to promote a competition for football fans to win tickets to a Sony Ericsson VIP party. The Kiss The Cup competition will involve 25 people pressing their lips to a World Cup for as long as they can.

The strategy involves the agency seeking people out on Facebook, Twitter and football forums and blogs instead of buying targeted media. Tickets to the party can be won at a competition taking place at Lakeside shopping centre in Essex on Saturday.

  • Bubblino!

Basically its a bubble machine that is synced to Twitter. Whenever your chosen word or phrase is mentioned…it blows bubbles! Genius. And serious contender for must have Christmas gift of 2009 if it ever gets sold commercially.


  • Weekend ideas for visitors to London….