Nokia LifeVine… weaving your data together

This is a really interesting thing from Nokia that I had no idea existed until Paul replied to yesterday’s post on visual data trails

It’s an application from Nokia called LifeVine.  It works with any Nokia GPS phone, and what it does is grab your position, and marry it to any photos you take or music you listen to as you travel around.  You can then review your journeys either on the phone, or on the LifeVine website…



There’s a great, full explanations from Clinton @ Darla Mack here

Without having  a Nokia to play with it on, I can’t make any real judgement calls on it, but it occurs if I did have a service like like, I’d actually want it to do these things:

i) be on all the time, and switch it off when I want, rather than the other way around which it looks like it might be at the moment.  So not just for journeys, for everyday.

ii) easily upload to something like the Microsoft Photosynth stuff from the previous post, so that by the simple act of taking photos, I’m joining in with a much larger community who’re documenting tghe world visually

iii) easily hook up to any map system that I choose (for instance, Google maps obviously) rather than be solely in a propriatory map system like the one shown above

But anyway, it looks great.

It’s another point to Nokia in the three way battle for my summer upgrade money – my contract’s up in July, by which time I expect I’ll have the choice of the N97, iPhone 3rd Gen, and maybe even the Palm Pre.

Let battle commence…