Events, dear boy, events…

“Events, dear boy, events’ is what Macmillan replied to a reporter when asked what was most likely to blow governments of course.  I referenced it before here when it snowed a little…

In this day and age events travel through the public communication network faster than ever before, so how can you keep up, and even capitalise..?

Here’s a smart thing that a company called Scene Systems did in the US.  By and large, they build 3D animation reconstructions for the legal profession.  It’s probably hard to get a large number of people excited about that, it’s very niche.  So advertising traditionally would probably be tricky to get value from.

But they just created this on Youtube; they took the audio track from the plane that ditched in the Hudson last month, and reconstructed a 3D animation so you can watch it ‘as it happened…’

It’s great way to show large numbers of people what they do, because it draws people in by giving them something useful – as Christopher says here (where I found the video) it’s much more helpful than just hearing the audio, or seeing some footage, or reading it in the paper.  You understand the story more clearly.

By being useful, and of course timely, Scene Systems have reached an audience of over a million with no advertising outlay at all… not bad, huh?