Life without a computer?

I had a call from Caroline Marshall at over at Haymarket earlier this week; she’s asked me if I’d like to try a little experiment for writing a piece in Marketing, and live without any form of computer for 48 hours, and only work and live exclusively on a mobile device.

Being the curious sort, I immediately said ‘ok’, naturally.  My curiousity is being slowly replaced by a little dread…

Thing is, I am more dependent on PCs than most folk; obviously there’s the one I use at work, and the one at home… and then in betwen the two, there’s the lovely little Toshiba R500 I use on the train (seriousy, it’s only as heavy as a bag of sugar, tis ace).


And as a result, I’ve not really upgraded to a full-on smartphone (I chose the LG Viewty last time out, which is now a very long 14 months ago… grrrr, eighteen month contracts).

Work did once give me a Blackberry, but I gave it back because I just couldn’t work fast enough on it; for anyone who’s ever received a lengthy, train of though email from me, you can see why… I’m going to have to embrace brevity as my friend, I think.

So I’m getting a loan of an iPhone from O2, and some initial tips and guidance from Ed over at Yahoo, but what I’d love is some thoughts and pointers from anyone out there who spends time working off a mobile device…

I guess I’ll be noting things on my ‘to-do’ list, and can do that from anywhere… but I don’t want to spend 48 hours just noting things that I should do after the test is over. 

The point for me is ‘could I work like this forever?’…

– Can I write presentations?
– Or create something to ‘replace’ presentations
– Post stuff ‘easily’ to here on Feeding The Puppy? 
– Mess around with pictures photoshop style?
– Hook up multiple emails (work, band, personal)?

– And of course, write about the experience for the Marketing piece whilst I’m doing it

Your input and thoughts, dear friends, is going to be invaluable I think…

…what are your top tips?