Spring is coming @ the APA…

Spring is coming; look, it’s just over the hill, just over there…


…and, in addition, Hel & I saw the first flowers poking out the ground this morning walking to the train.  Hoorah for Spring 🙂

Which reminds me of Will Hutton’s talk yesterday @ the APA ‘Future of Advertising…’ conference. 


He reckons the ‘green shoots of recovery’ will start to emerge, banking sector allowing, in autumn 2010.  It’s going to be a hardish winter for the advertising winter until then.

It’s kinda of too late to think how we should best prepare for the recession, we’re already in it, and it’s caught a lot of folk unawares.

So screw preparing for the recession; let’s spend 18 months preparing for the recovery instead…

PS  I spoke later on yesterday, and I’m informed that we have the recordings of the presentations, so when I get the mp3 through, I’ll upload it with the slides and do a lovely slidecast. 

Until then, here’s a picture of the audience gathering while I was waiting to speak after the coffee break: 


I can see why at public executions in ye olden days they would let the crowd assemble before bringing out the condemned man…