Ooooo, you've got Lovely Charts…

Bored of spending 3 hours at a time drawing charts and sourcing images fer PowerPoint?  Well, a top tip-off comes from the ever-wonderful Techcrunch

… the very aptly named Lovely Charts offers a really simply interface to take the pain out of simply a drawing a diagram to explain what you mean. 


If you’re like me, and find yourself drawing weird objects here and there and trying to string ’em together to explain things to people, it’ll be brilliant for you.

For example, here’s my first attempt playing around with it… a diagram of how I’m permanently connected to t’interwebs whether at home in Brighton, at work in London, or in the countryside inbetween… and apologies to Mark E Smith for the speech bubble.


An iPhone app of this is going to be brilliant for thoughts on the move…

Anyway, go and play, it’s amazing.