Hitting a Meerkat?

Yep, cheap trick to get your attention… I is actually likings Aleks the Meerkat (sorry, will speak properly now).  I think it’s nice (I posted a response to Iain’s thoughts here).

Anyway, I’ve been talking to Amelia @ VCCP today, who’ve come up with the campaign, and she’s put up a fantastic post here just detailing out some of the social media success they’ve had; well worth a read, get yourself over there…

…but the thing I want to draw attention to most is what it’s done for web searches & visits to both comparethemarket and comparethemeerkat.


From Amelia’s post – According to Hitwise UK visits to Compare the Market have increased by 86% since the week ending the 27th December

Then there’s the google insights-fer-search:


Whatever you think about it, it’s pretty clear that it works.  An aggregator site wants to increase hits on the site, so they can pull people through, and boy has it delivered.

Entertaining people in a category that’s very factual and dry has got the client noticed, it’d differentiated them from their competitors, and as a result they’re winning in the short term.  It’s a brave move by the client & agency, but they’re reaping the rewards, it would seem. 

…and my favourite part about the whole thing is that’s it’s just a pretty daft pun, taken to brilliant lengths.  I love daft puns 🙂