Loving the data comet

The latest Soundamus RSS feed popped up in my Google Reader this morning…


I referenced the mighty Soundamus in the last ‘data comet’ post.  It takes the things I’ve been listening to on Last.FM, and turns it into potential Amazon purchases I might like to make.

The data comet is basically the trail of data that your behaviour leaves behind you as you travel through the world, which only now is being captured digitally.

What things like Soundamus do is capture that data, understand more about you, and help steer your comet through the world more efficiently.

Instead of sitting in front of the Amazon homepage wondering what I should look at or buy, and only have Amazon’s ‘things you might like’ served to me on what I purchased from there previously, Soundamus uses my actual listening behaviour to improve the chances of finding something I’ll like.

So, if you like, it takes my past, and uses it to determine my future.

Giving me more time to enjoy the present.

I’m going to start thinking about what else we can apply this principle to… because it’s really, really useful for people, and we like useful.

Thanks, Data Comet 🙂