The Kindle… some speed reading figures

I flagged the Kindle a while ago as something we @ PHD should be aware of, given it’s potential for revolutionising the way we read the printed word (newspapers, magazines etc).  It’s Amazon’s eReader, so a tablet device that can bring you books, magazines, newspapers etc…


Now there’s some hard numbers appearing in the states that Techcrunch reckons it shows that the Kindle’s early performance could be outpacing the orginal iPod…

“…the 500,000 estimate would mean that the Kindle is outpacing iPod unit sales in the iPod’s first full year on the market, when it sold only 378,000 units. That means if you turned back the clock and launched both at the same time, the Kindle would be outselling the iPod by 32 percent. Mahaney estimates that total revenues (devices plus electronic books sales) reached $153 million in 2008, but will grow nearly tenfold to $1.2 billion in 2010. That’s a steep ramp.

Full article here.

If you’re still thinking ‘yeah, but digital will never replace magazines and newspapers’, remember that’s just what they said about CDs…

(Who ‘they’ are I’ve still to find out, but given their awful track record on predictions, we needn’t pay them much heed)

Still no word on the UK launch date for the Kindle though.