IPA Social Media – needs YOU!

Over the last few days, I’ve been digesting Nigel’s brief on where we should take the IPA Social Media Report next…

…for background reading on this see here, but the short version is;

i) We want to make this report on Social Media more socially involving and distributable…

…so that

ii) …many more people in the IPA’s membership are interested and engage with the topic…

…so that

iii) …we, as an industry and individual agencies, can use the resource to tell clients ‘this is real’ and ‘here’s what we should do about it’…

…so that

iv) …we help clients form better relationships with the people they want to engage with; clients, people and agencies are all better off.  Happily ever after, the end etc.

The thing is, the people that need to do all this are, well, Nigel and you and me and other people who care.  And it seems like a lot of stuff that needs doing (again, read the brief).  And we’re all standing hesitantly at the edges, thinking…

…errrr, what now?  Do I have time?  Who else do I speak to?  What are we doing?  Where shall we have lunch?

So, I thought I’d break down the job a little, and see if we can find a little team for each little bit… many hands, light work etc etc.

I also thought I’d throw in some nice pictures, as is my wont.

I reckon we need three teams…

The builders


A team to…

– help create a space
– develop it as stuff arrives there
– ensure that it as social & accessible as possible

The academics


A team to…

– read the original report
– add crucial ‘further reading’ pointers
– make it easy for others to learn from

The publicists


A team to…

– spread awareness of its existence
– encourage initial participation
– … to bring more people fully into the project

If we had those three teams in place, I reckon we could make this work, and work well. 

Now we just need volunteers… I know there’s a lot of interest out there in this, and it shouldn’t be a massive draw on anyone’s time if we get good teams on this.

So, please do volunteer… send an email to nigel@ipa.co.uk with either ‘builder‘, ‘academic‘ or ‘publicist‘ in the header, and we’ll go from there…

Social is as social does…  🙂