What works online is… stuff made for online

Seth Godin posted this recently; it’s about how you can’t just transfer your existing model online and expect it to work…


“The reason it’s so difficult for people in traditional industries to embrace new models online is that the transition isn’t structured in an orderly way.

The new business isn’t the same as the old business, just with computers.

People look at PCWorld magazine and they say, “that will never work online.” And they’re right, it won’t, because the business is organized around print and monthly or weekly editions and display ads and a sales force and …

“Our business will never work online.”

The same is true with this IPA Social Media Report thing that’s kicking off…(see here for some background reading). 

Just trying to sell the hard copy report through the website isn’t going to work.  Turning the report into something social, designed to work in the online world… that would work.

On that note, I’m meeting Nigel Gwilliam from the IPA this Friday, at 9.30am in apostrophe just off Tottenham Court Road… he’s been very up for trying to do something more apt with the report, since the original post and all the general chatter on Twitter & various blogs.

Drop me a line if you fancy popping in and being social…