the youtube that you really wanted all along

Youtube: pretty good, non?  Lots of videos, the ability to upload your own… but it’s always been lacking the ability to really share stuff, because all you could do was send people the link. 

It was like being in a museum; look, but don’t touch.

Of course, lots of clever people worked out little hacks that meant you could rip any video you wanted from youtube; they were good, but not great.  The quality suffered a little.  It was a bit of a hassle.  It just wasn’t very intuitive & natural as it should be.

But the sheikh of shareability, Prof. Lawrence Lessig, has flagged up that on certain Youtube content, the ability to download videos has appeared, as seen here on Obama’s latest weekly video podcast.


Obviously it’s a functionality that will roll out in some cases and not others to begin with… but all content owners will/should get over the fact that people can download any videos from youtube anyway, and it’s better that you are seen to make it easy for them.

At this point, youtube will finally be the youtube that you wanted all along…