Pedigree Chunks!

Welcome to Pedigree Chunks! The Friday afternoon update feeding you with fresh meaty morsels from the world of media, created and collated by the litter of new grads here at PHD. Every Friday we will be bringing you innovative, entertaining and pioneering creative work we have encountered during the week.

The Grads! x

  • The Amazing World of iPhone Applications….

The first helps you get to where you want to be….Loopt is a mobile social mapping application that uses cell phones and mobile devices to display the locations of a user’s friends (and yes the kid in the pink polo shirt in the video is the CEO!)….<Tom Parry>

While the other makes the journey more interesting….RJDJ is an application that uses sensory input to generate and control the music you are listening to….<Mattew Alderson>



  • Omnicom on top in Big Won Report 2008

The 2008 results were published yesterday, with Omnicom being voted Top Holding Company! The survey is compiled by analysing the quantity and quality of awards won during each year across 12,000 awards won by 1,702 different agencies with credits to over 22,000 different people. The Awards celebrate the top campaigns and top agencies across all disciplines – press, posters, radio, TV, digital, direct and innovative solutions. See below for the original Campaign article and the full 2008 Report…. <Tom Parry>


  • Fanta Mobile App Keep the Adults Out of Earshot

Ogilvy Advertising has devised a ground-breaking mobile phone application for Fanta that allows the brands’ younger consumers to communicate with each other without adults hearing. The application, called the Fanta Stealth Sound system, uses high-pitched frequencies that are only audible to consumers under about the age of 20….<Rachel Maher>



  • Funny and Scary all at the same time!

well worth the full watch….<Chris Magniac>

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  • Something For The Weekend – My Bloody Valentine 3-D

Go and get to grips with the next HUGE thing in cinema – 3D films! My Bloody Valentine will hardly be an oscar winner but it’s certainly worth checking out if the trailer is anything to go by.

2009 sees a full-scale 3D revival with a flurry of films hitting the Box Office, including Final Destination 4, Monsters vs. Aliens, Disney’s Bolt, Toy Story and culminating with James Cameron’s hugely anticipated release Avatar….<Victoria Hine>