EA Sports to have a new Home

EA has officially announced that it will launch the “EA Sports Complex” on Playstation Home this Spring. This is not the first brand to get involved with Home but it certainly seems to be the first brand which will actually tap into gamer insights and push them forward within the branded area.

Aimed at Casual and Hardcore gamers the Sports Complex will allow:

• Home users to play exclusive new EA Sports multiplayer games

• Check Leaderboards

• Meet EA Sports fans

• Watch EA Sports trailers

All very good indeed, I especially like the leaderboard function. I can see that working really well if there was a monthly prize up for offer.

EA have also gone on to say that they are “currently working with Sony with further PlayStation Home support, with announcements coming in the future”

This potentially could also be very exciting. What comes to mind would be something like, if there was a direct “Upload to Home” feature on Fifa09 replays, where gamers could compete for Goal of the Month etc (that would be mega cool)

Have a look at the trailer below