Yoodoo, who do what you don't dare to people

It’s not often I get to bastardise a Prodigy lyric for the title of a post, but the lovely folks over at Yoodoodoll have given me the chance to do just that (plus I’m not sure how many other of their song lyrics would be appropriate…)

I digress, so back to the subject at hand.   In a happy meeting between remix culture and the desire for Generation C to express themselves creatively, Yoodoodoll is a customisable toy, basically a blank canvas for consumers to design their own dolls.


Maybe you could mix this idea with Supertoys and make little AI versions of everyone you know.  Or maybe someone reading this has a better idea of how to put Yoodoodolls to use (answers on a postcard please, or maybe even acted out by Yoodoodolls…)

What with Christmas round the corner, they might even make a good present (pins not included, I’m led to believe).