Virtually here

Last night in defiance of the credit crunch, not only did I buy a new summer residence, a sofa and some ornaments for my new house, I also put it all on a credit card. It was not too extravagant though – it cost me £5.

Oddly though, I don’t actually own anything. What kind of weird reality is this?

Well, this is the new Playstation Home Beta… (forums will help shape it ) – now open to anyone with a PS3, broadband connection and some time on their hands. Like Second Life or the Sims (but actually well rendered), you will find people from all round the world wandering about the mall, bowling alley, cinema and “home square”.

It’s a place to meet other game users and chat, there are games dotted around to amuse yourself with your new chums (chess, bowling and pool), or you can dance, sit or just watch. Of course, it’s hard to converse with everyone, there’s Spanish, English, French and even some Welsh in the chat you can see – a real UN of inhabitants at the moment.


The chat is stimulating…

The “posters” run video and expand as you approach to fill the screen, you will be able to buy branded goods from the “shops” to clothe your virtual self… As a virtual world the possibilities for engaging content and advertising become endless, tapping into the TV set, broadband and Blue Ray player we are seeing the start of something groundbreaking.

Of course, Microsoft are not so sure, calling the service outdated. Odd after 2 days….