Having ideas… and selling ideas

Another quick, smart point from Seth Godin; the business of having great ideas is a different one from that of selling great ideas…

Think back to every cracking idea you ever came up with for a client, or in a pitch, that didn’t make it into circulation, that no-one said ‘yep, that’s brilliant, let’s do it’. 

In your head, on that bit of scrap paper where it first came to life, in the actionplanning session where you all came up with it… it was invincible, it couldn’t fail.  Yet it didn’t happen.

The skill of putting together the presentation, or holding the conversation, or even crafting the most persuasive email possible… it’s different from the skills needed to have that idea in the first place.

The answer?  Well, there isn’t a catch all, standard answer, of course.  But a bit of Mad Men inspiration never hurt… I don’t think there’s a client alive that wouldn’t buy this: