Fraggles and Doozers, pt III

Yes, it’s the final installment of ‘Fraggles & Doozers’…

After the initial post, and the investigation into what makes a good Fraggle, we must look at Doozers; the people who get shit done.

It’s all well and good having Fraggles that are running around exploring, but unless you’ve got people that can turn that energy and inspiration into real stuff, it’s kind of pointless.  And for doing, Doozers are your go-to-guys…


From Muppet Wiki

“Unlike Fraggles, Doozers love to work all day long, and they hate playing games. Some Doozers are construction workers, while others are architects or miners. With the help of various Doozer machines and vehicles, they build elaborate constructions all over Fraggle Rock, like towers, buildings, roads and bridges.

Think about putting together comms campaigns; you’ve all different sorts of Doozers, skilled in many different areas, who come together to make stuff happen in their areas of specialisation.  These different skills help build the “elaborate constructions”, of course.

So far, so sensible.  Well, as sensible as likening communications to Fraggle Rock gets.  But there are two main truths about the Fraggle/Doozer dynamic I think is important.

Firstly, it’s a completely symbiotic relationship…

“The Doozers don’t mind their buildings being eaten; if the Fraggles didn’t eat the constructions, the Doozers would run out of building space.

The Fraggles get ‘energy’ to run around exploring because the Doozers are constantly doing.  No Doozers, no energy, no Fraggles.

But the Fraggles eat the constructions, creating the space in which to build.  No space to build, and the Doozers can’t build.

So they need each other; they can’t do without each other.  Which brings us to the second, sad truth…

“Doozers and Fraggles usually show very little respect towards each other. It’s very rare for Fraggles and Doozers to make friends…”

The best work we do always comes when you get your Fraggles and Doozers all on the same side, communicating, working together… the Fraggles ‘creating space’, and the Doozers ‘building’ in it, all focused and communicating and getting along.


i) you need Fraggles, exploring the world, bringing back new and exciting stuff, and creating space…

ii) …which the Doozers then build into, creating fabulous, intricate structures…

iii) …and only by working together and communicating well, in a symbiotic relationship, can the structures be the best possible solution for the bringing companies and people together.

Have a look at your own Fraggle Rock; are you getting the balance right?

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