Why Presentations should be like Comics

I like comics a lot, mainly because of their visual nature twinned with compelling narrative stories.  And maybe because I’m a little, tiny bit geeky.  And I like PowerPoint, and writing presentations, and presenting.  Probably more than anyone really should.

So naturally, I love that some smart folks have drawn comparisons between how comics tell you a story, and how you should tell a story when you’re presenting.

From Austin Kleon’s great blog, there’s a list of some of the best examples of why great presentations are like comics… firstly, there’s this image Austin drew, which perfectly captures the ‘audio / visual’ split you should aim for:


It’s just simple and smart; you’re saying the words in the speech bubbles, so just have visuals to show what you’re talking about.

Then there’s this video, in which comic book artist Scott McLeod shows you exactly how you should combine the visuals of PowerPoint with audio narration…

…next time someone tells you that ‘it’s works out at about a slide per minute’, show them this…