Fraggles and Doozers, pt II

So, that Fraggles & Doozers post from before… it was about how we can think of ourselves at work; generalists and specialists.  Have a read if you haven’t yet, then let’s continue…


I thought I’d play around a bit more with it.  What does it take to be a good Fraggle?

Now, I’ve found an online Puppet Wikia which has excerpts from the original Fraggle Rock Pitch book, way back in 1982, which describes Fraggles thus…

“…average about eighteen inches in height, come in all shapes, colors and ages, and have an endless supply of energy. Fraggles like to sing, dance, wear silly hats go to parties, feast, gather things, cheer, stomp Doozers, explore and have adventures…”

In that we find a lot of the most important things to be a creative generalist; energy, parties, gather things, exploring and adventuring


Energy is really important for a generalist; if you’re trying to inspire people with things from afar they’ve not seen before, then it matters how you sell it in… after all, if you’re not excited about it, why should they be?

By Parties, we’re not thinking literal parties, but as close as you can make it is good… if people are in a fun, stimulating, laughter filled environment, they’ll be more likely to believe ‘anything is possible’… try and create that for them…


Gather things?  Yep, think like a magpie – if it’s shiny and new and exciting, photograph it, buy one, steal one… take some real representation of it back home, it makes the telling of the story a lot easier afterwards.


Exploring is something I touched on before… it’s the desire to go out and explore every inch of the Fraggle Rock cave systems, to discover new and exciting things…


…and it goes hand in hand with Adventuring; it’s not just exploring, it’s how you explore… start down the path least trodden, as bravery and courage in the face of scary dark places will reward you well.

Feeling Fraggley?  Good, now go and get out there…

(I’ll look at Doozerish stuff soon too…)


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