The Global Ideas Business…

You’ve probably heard of IDEO, the design consultancy based in California but with offices all over… well, they’ve got a new IDEO Labs blog, detailing a lot of the stuff they’re working on in the very early stages… as they say themselves:

“Bringing new ideas to life is an essential part of what we do. The first versions are usually rough. They’re early proofs of the concepts, ways of helping us explore, learn, and think. Usually they’re not very pretty. They’re not finished products, after all, but prototypes of what could be.

Most of the time those prototypes don’t get shown to anyone but the client who hired us. But sometimes we do stuff that we can share, and we’ve created this blog to do just that. This is a place where we can offer bits of what we’re working on, talk about cool techniques and share our excitement over the tools that help us create.”

Which is great; they’re real hands-on, hack-happy people who do things like making useful things out of old crappy Nokia 770s… it’ll be a joy to follow their stuff I think.

Anyway, they’ve also posted up on their their inter-continental office domino-rally style… a lovely way to show the world that you’re innovation around the world as one big happy community…

IDEO Global Chain Reaction from IDEO Labs on Vimeo.

(From Anthony Mayfield)