Eye-tests and idiocy

I went for an eye test at 20-20 Opticians on Tottenham Court Road on Tuesday, just down the road from the office.  It was very good, very professional.  I was told that I didn’t need glasses or contacts, and wouldn’t need another eye test for 2 years. 

But could they have my details anyway, for the records.  Fine, thinks I, no worries.

Today, at half one, I received a text message from them telling me that this weekend only, they’re offering 25% designer frames, and £75 off contact lenses. 

They’re trying to sell me products that they told me I didn’t need just three days ago.

And they’re doing it using the details they asked me for but didn’t tell me they were going to advertise me through. 

Idiots.  That’s really annoying.

Anyway, I texted STOP, and hoped that would be an end to it.

I only got really annoyed when they sent me an email with exactly the same offers on it an hour and a half later.  And started it with ‘Dear Client’. 


I mean COME ON?!?!  They might as well have started it ‘Dear Former Client’.

It just goes to show, every decision you take as a marketer when you’re contacting people directly has got to be thought through, because you can very quickly lose a customer through inconsiderate stuff like this.

Grr, grumpy Friday John…