Fraggles and Doozers

I’ve written before about ‘creative generalism’, which is the ethos of drawing on many different sources for inspiration in divergent thinking.  Which is a bit of a mouthful. 

So, I thought I’d reframe it in terms of something a bit more fun; Fraggle Rock.


(I’m going to assume you remember it, which is probably true if you’re 25-40… if not, look here)

The great thing about the world of Fraggle Rock was the symbiotic relationship between the Fraggles and the Doozers.

Fraggles are carefree, playful creatures, forever exploring, wandering and drawing inspiration from what they find.  They’re excitable, fun-loving, curious free spirits.


They of course inhabit the same world as the Doozers who are almost the antithesis of Fraggles – they dedicate their lives to hard work and industry, making the fantastic constructions throughout Fraggle Rock which the Fraggles love to eat.  Doozers get stuff done.


And although you may think that having all the constructions continually eaten would annoy them, the Doozers need this to happen, or they run out of space and can’t build any more.  Their philosophy is that ‘architecture is there to be enjoyed’.

So, what has this got to do with Creative Generalism?

Well, the Fraggles are the generalists, forever exploring new things, being excited (or indeed over-excited) about new stuff they find. 

Doozers are specialists; they’re very focused on just one thing, constructing towers to create solutions to a need.

For Fraggle Rock to survive, it needs both Fraggles and Doozers.  For us to come up with and deliver brilliant comms ideas for clients, we need both Fraggles and Doozers.  We need the great, left field inspiration, and the ability to focus and do something about it.

The great thing is unlike the inhabitants of Fraggle Rock, you don’t have to be one or t’other; you can do ‘Fraggle’ stuff, and explore lots of new exciting things, and you can do ‘Doozer’ stuff, and create some really great specialist solutions.  The more you do of both, I think, the more rounded you perhaps become. 

So remember to exercise your inner Fraggle, or employ you inner Doozer.  Oh Jim Henson, how wise you were.

Anyway, one final, major difference between us and Fraggle Rock.  Our theme tune isn’t nearly this cool…

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