A picture paints a thousand words

My friend Sarah just pointed me to this, it’s wonderful.

It’s from IBM, and it’s software that takes a data set that you feed it, and turns it into an instant visual.  So, for kicks, I took the IPA dissertation I wrote this year and tried it out.  

It’s called ‘The Communis Manifesto; why communities are the future of brand communications’, and the whole text pans out to look like this: 


…which is a great summary of what the essay is about, and near instantly gives you an idea about the sorts of things it covers.

It’s a really interesting way to help you appraise something I guess, though is no guarantee of quality.  But if you want to know what the general themes coming through from a qualitative group were, for instance, it would be brilliant for that; just pump in the transcirpt and off you go.

Anyway, a great site – click here on the image and have a play (you can do stuff with data too, though I’ve not had a go with that yet…)




I played with the data stuff too, it’s cool.  Here’s a chart on the virality of Pizza Express email vouchers for instance…