UGC: Uber Generated Content

I can’t stop thinking about the latest Eepybird video with the post it notes which I posted up last week

Because though it shows the same brilliant spirit as previous stuff they’ve done like the mentoes & diet coke stuff…

…the comparative production quality is through the roof.  Which got me thinking.  We might (just might) be on the cusp of moving beyond “User Generated Content”. 

The guys and girls who’ve successfully created the memes that have flown around the internet over the last few years have been approached by savvy companies… “we love what you did, if we give you some money, can you do something for us…”

It’s the next stage of the evolution; not User Generated Content, but Uber Generated Content.

It’s Uber, or ‘Super’, because the combination of that free creative spirit is fused with the cash and resources that allows the finished content to look as close as possible to the finished vision.

I wonder where creative agencies fit in to that vision?  I wonder who was involved in the post-it note piece?  I might try and find out…