Comms Planning: That was easy…

When in Noo Yoik a couple of weeks back, Mark from NYC PHD and I dropped into Staples for a few pre-pitch stationary supplies (you know, stickers, felt tips, that sort of thing…).


All I know about Staples over here is that it’s a stationary shop, and indeed it is over there too.  But they have a brilliant, holistic comms planning campaign running around ‘The Easy Button’.


The Easy Button is essentially a magic button that helps you get what you need.  Press it and lo, your problems are solved, easily.  At least as long as your problems are Staples-related.  They’ve had a great long-running series of ads in the US, and have started getting delightfully post-modern with them…

I found this too, a UK version of the ad from last year; I don’t think it’s nearly as good, hence probably why I was completely unaware of it:

Anyway, so far, so ‘slighty-kooky advert’. 

But what’s great in the US is that they’ve got The Easy Button running through everything they do; website, in-store, advertising, everything. 

There’s even a burgeoning user-generated movement on youtube, being fuelled by the fact that you can BUY an Easy Button in their stores… which is why I’m now the proud owner of an Easy Button. 


Yep, Staples sold me a piece of their communications plan for $5.  You click it, and it says “That Was Easy.”  Why wouldn’t it?

Anyway, I love the whole campaign, and think it’s a brilliant example of how great comms planning can be linked together by having one simple, compelling idea that lives in every connect you can possibly create with your customers.