"Brand 2.0" – what do you do for people?

I found this really smart, quick checklist on Influx Insights about the things you’ve got to offer the people you’re trying to connect your brand to, which in turn is based on a column Emily Bell wrote in the Guardian…

I love the list, so much so that I thought I’d quick run up some little visual badges for them too for use in future presentations…


1. Are you useful?

What do you do to help make people’s lives better or easier?

Are you doing something that no one else does?

Are you doing it better than anyone else?


2. Do you entertain?

Are you fun?

Are you human and real?

Are you interesting to interact with?

Do people talk about and notice you and your communication?


3. Do you educate?

Do you help people to learn or get more out of life?

Do you tell people what you do so they can become their own experts?


4. Do you facilitate or participate in social connectivity

Do you have fans?

Do you connect them?

Do you allow them to participate with you

If you’re not doing one of these things in your communications, I guess you’re probably falling back on the old favourite reason of ‘we’re telling people about our products because we want to sell more stuff’… but is that really enough to differentiate you from your competitors?

Anyway, thanks again to Ed Cotton at Influx Insights for posting it.