It's the internet, stupid.

The election over here in the states is, of course EVERYWHERE.  There’s never been so much coverage, as there’s more news channels to fill than ever, or newspapers, or website.  But it’s just all so cluttered.

So what do you do to cut through?  Rather than just big, broad brush strokes which get lost in the clutter, there’s lots of powerful, niche, engaging stuff going on… like this, from Sarah Silverman, which is just genius…


With stuff like this, and the 5 friends registration campaign, and of course Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impersonation, there’s a groundswell of material being watched, loved and forwarded by Americans the likes of which I don’t think any election has ever seen… and it’s seemingly having a big impact.

It’ll be interesting to see what lessons the UK political parties take from this in 2 years or whatever…