Community based album launch

So if there is a future for record labels, is this it?  ‘International DJ and production duo’ Thievery Corporation are releasing their next album not just through Facebook, but through a specific application, iLike.  If you’re a music-loving Facebook user, you probably already have iLike as it lets you do all sorts of musical things like listen to tracks, get details of gigs and, of course, tell other Facebookers what tunes you’re into.

So the idea is, you get targeted by traffic drivers on Facebook based on your stated musical preferences announcing an exclusive pre-launch release of the album through the iLike application (orchestral-targeting, anyone?  No?  I’ll get me coat…)  Good way to cheaply target opinion formers, get folks to listen to the whole album, give them a story to advocate to their mates and an easy (and prolific) mechanic for recommendation.

Link: well I would post one, but it isn’t googlable so they obviously didn’t get everything right…  I guess if you’re into the right things it finds you.