The death of TV (Part IX of a XIVM part series)

As detailed in the Guardian today, Joss Whedon (yep, he of Buffy fame)was kickin’ his heels during the Hollywood writer’s strike, and thought he and some friends coulddo something a bit more productive.

So they made this:  Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, starring Doogie Howser himself, Neil Patrick Harris

No TV station, no massive production budget, just a wee show some folk put together.  They’re looking at ways to continue making it and paying for it (e.g. they’re releasing the soundtrack on iTunes, creating loads of extras to sell with the full edition).

What’s interesting is that it’s long-form content created especially for the web; people (mostly in TV) said that whilst the web was great for ‘short-form’ content, people would only watch long-form stuff on the TV.

CRRRAAASHHHH… another pillar of the old TV model comes crashing down…