Why failure is good

Failure?  Ooo, sounds expensive.  Demoralising. 


Not the sort of thing an agency should do if they are investing their client’s monies properly.

But look at it this way; if you automatically discount anything ‘that might fail’, then all you’re left with is safe, tried and tested options, which all the other guys will be doing all the time anyway.

A great post here on Brand Autopsy ends with a quote from Donald Keough’s book The Ten Commandments for Business Failure…

“… if a company never has a failure, I submit that their management is probably not discontented enough to justify their salaries.”

A good point.  Almost as good as Alfred’s point in Batman Begins

“Why do we fall, sir? So that we might better learn to pick ourselves up.”

Go on, try something that might fail… because it might succeed too.