"Location-based services"… explained

Can’t tell your GPS from your elbow?  A great explanation from Jemima Kiss in The Guardian can be found here, and will help you understand the basics, like…

When you hear of “location-based services”, you probably think of the navigation kits you stick on your windscreen. But there’s a whole swathe of services springing up in this area. What began with navigation tools now extends to “geo-tagged” news, gaming, social networking and advertising, opening a new chapter in recommendation and personalised content.

Where am I then?

You may know where you are, but how do all your gadgets? Either you tell a device where you are, or it works out your location for you. Some devices work by calculating your proximity to mobile phone towers or Wi-Fi networks, others by measuring your location relative to some of the 24 geostationary satellites of the Global Positioning System (GPS). Once they know your exact location, your latitude and longitude can be added in a “geotag”.

Anyway, ‘location-based’ is bound to be big news at some point for advertisers when enough people a) have it on their phones and b) know how to use it and do. 

The key will be creating services people want, rather than stuff advertisers want them to have…