Noisy, innit?

A recent post here on Seth Godin’s site suggested that the background ‘static’ of the internet is interupting the ‘message’ of the radio programme you want to here… there’s just so much STUFF that it becomes harder to get a crystal clear signal of the good stuff you would like.

We’ve harped on about media fragmentation for years now, and how you really have to create ‘standout’ to get noticed… you had to create things that people wanted to see, play with, engage in.

But I wonder if even within the ‘standout’ communications things are getting too noisy.  There are so many brands now falling over themselves for you to engage with this, befriend them on that, vote for them on the other, that something akin to the paradox of choice may well start to kick in… faced with too many decisions, the consumer chooses none.

Imagine what the world will be like in five years time, when every brand has a social media function, blogging dept., content channel… it’s going to be deafening.

What people will need is editors.  How can your brand be an editor?